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Dunmore Court
Kilberry Road,
PA29 6XZ.

Tel & Fax:
01880 820654

29th June 2017


A map showing the location of Dunmore Court is available here.

Detailed directions from Glasgow to Dunmore are available here.

The cottages are 7 miles from Tarbert on West Loch Tarbert in Knapdale.

Dunmore House

The Dunmore Court self catering cottages are situated on the Dunmore estate.
Dunmore House
Dunmore House:
Dunmore House

The estate is named after the Bronze age fort which tops the spectacular cliffs above the house. These cliffs afford breathtaking views of the West Loch and out to the islands of Gigha and Islay

Dunmore House
Dunmore estate seen from the opposite side of the Loch.
Dunmore House

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